Friday, November 21, 2008


I am excited to announce that I have finally had the experience of seeing a PREMIER! It was sooo much fun. I went with Abby, Daniel, Meghan, and Jacob. They were great entertainment! We got to the theatre early, in hopes of not having to fight for good seats in the theatre, so we sat in line playing a card game! We got some odd looks but whatever! Then the theatre workers wouldn't let Abby in the Theatre cause she had the wrong number on her ticket, so I had to go in the theatre and go back and sneak her my ticket so they would let her in. But then it was okay because Meghan Rogers brought mint oreos and milk... oh and Publix sweet tea. We had a little feeding frenzy! It was AMAZING. And to be honest I had no idea what the movie was about til I watched it, but it was very good! So needless to say I am going to read the books :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Watch out for the....ka-thunk.... SQUIRREL!

Welcome to the world of my crazy and unapprehensible thoughts! I figured I would try the lifestyle of the "blog-writer" this week. Quite honestly it seems like I have a new plan for my life everyday.. or so says the mom! Lately I have felt so... new. I have new ideas, feelings, problems. It's just getting more and more exciting, this age thing never slows down, and I am only 17. So as of right now let me tell you just who I think I am, and my future plans.... until told otherwise. LoL. Well right now my plans are to attend either FSU or UF (UF being the preference), I am going to major in sports medicine with aspirations to become an athletic trainer for the NFL - GOOOO JAGS!!!!! Who knows, I used to be a Harvard Law student, but i digress. My life is CRAZY, it's as if I'm A.D.D. or something. Anyways, today I learned to drive a stick shift! Woohoo! Exciting right? I know! Well since it's done and over with, prayers for Liz will no longer be necessary - yes... she is still living! Thank you, no applause is needed... but if you must! OK, so as I was saying, I actually did fairly well. Except..... on the way home, need I remind you - trying to keep Liz and I both sane and living - I kind of had an interaction with a squirrel. Now let us not harp on the animal cruelty factor of this situation, but I did try to avoid physical contact with the poor little guy, but I really couldn't stop, and the squirrel was so confused he would have followed the tires. I continue to digress, which you will find a constant in any and all blog writing I do. I guess you would say I have a multi-track mind??? OK, so Liz and I were driving on Pine Ave. and we clearly saw the squirrel going crazy trying to figure out the best route to safety, and well, the route he chose didn't go over as planned. He luckily missed the front tires, and Liz replied "I think he's safe", yeah... not so much. And then... Ka-thunk. Yep, that was the sound of a little squirrels last frogger experience to say the least. Well, what did my clever mind feel was necessary to say.... "Nope I think we got him," stating the obvious unfortunately.. The whole rest of the way home I just thought, "Wow, I didn't stall out, but I hit a squirrel? What are the chances of that happening?" I guess the chances were higher than expected! So to make myself feel better, I went out with Abby E. and bought a new laptop (College purposes mainly), which made the whole situation a little lighter in the back of my mind. And then while attempting to tell my dad what had happened, I couldn't, because I was crying due to laughing so hard. Isn't it great. The littlest things amuse me... Like using my new laptop to blog. Aren't you glad you get this heartwarming experience of trying to understand the life of a teenage girl....? Well I am getting tired of typing, but am loving this new blog thing, so I will, inevitably be back! Goodnight!